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How to Help

We Need Volunteers, Kids Clothing, Supplies, Cash

Age-Appropriate Clothing

KFCE needs age-appropriate clothing donations for premie and newborn through high school. The clothing must be in clean and usable condition. Clothing for school-age children must comply with the school dress codes.

Please do not leave baby equipment such as car seats, swings, or strollers. Polk County Habitat for Humanity is the only local place able to accept such donations.



Volunteering opportunities are available. Call us for a training schedule.

Always Needed Supplies
  • Safety Pins

  • Masking Tape 

  • Copy Paper

  • Pens 

  • Detergent

  • Bleach 

  • Paper Towels

  • Toilet Tissue 



are gratefully accepted to assist in operations and the purchase of shoes and underwear. 

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New CARES Act Deduction

The CARES Act, among other coronavirus relief efforts, allows individuals or couples filing jointly, a donation of up to $300. Taxpayers can take this universal deduction whether they itemize or take the standard deduction on their taxes.

Deductions must be in cash (including checks and credit card payments) and given to a 501(c)(3) public charity. Because the CARES Act deduction is a universal above-the-line deduction, you can list your contribution as an adjustment to income on your taxes. If your deduction under the CARES Act is $250 or under, you don’t need to include documentation when you file. All gifts exceeding $250 must include the receipt or proper documentation when filing.

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