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Due to COVID protocol, we have adjusted the procedures and availability of items as needed.  Thank you for your consideration and patience as we try to safely meet the clothing needs of your children.  Our Back to School - Fall/Winter list will be in effect (See “How It Works” in the page header).  Since we are still unable to allow children in the shop, please draw around your child’s foot (without a shoe on),  cut it out, and bring it with you to KFCE.  We will make every effort to provide each child with new shoes.  We are now open our regular days and times, Friday and Saturday 10-3.

KFCE Onalaska

A special place where kids can shop for free.

We are open Friday and Saturday
10 am to 3 pm
Grey and tan backpack on woman's arm
Empowering kids to shop for their own clothes.
You can donate 
gently worn kids clothes, shoes, belts, bags, and PJs
Seasonal clothes &
for kids from
premie to 18!
KFCE ensures kids in need have gently used and new shoes and clothes.
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